Re: making FAM a required dependency

On Fri, 2002-10-11 at 11:39, Alex Graveley wrote:
> I would like to have a second per-user daemon that is knowledgeable
> about gnome-vfs.  This would allow us to have local changes to non-file
> vfs methods replicated across the system/desktop.

Welcome to the gnomevfsd discussion :)

I would love this to happen. Theres a lot of disagreement about it
 * Is it appropriate for something at the layer of gnome-vfs to run a
 * Shouldn't we just add this to an existing daemon?
 * Whats the right life-cycle for the daemon? For your entire login
   period or only while apps are interested in it?
 * Should it use Bonobo? CORBA? SunRPC? Some custom protocol?
 * What other things should we do in this daemon?

The answers to these questions these and more lie in... 
        The Twilight Zone.

I think someone just needs to check in a skeleton server that has a
sensible life-cycle, locking, etc and provides some private convenience
APIs in libgnomevfs for calling methods in it and recieving callbacks.
> P.S. - I could see the argument for forking the FAM code and rolling
> into this sort of daemon.  The FAM code is old and ill-maintained, and
> since it would be wrapped rather tightly with this second daemon, it
> might be worth joining the two.

What I'd do is just write a dnotify backend in gvfsd. We could do a FAM
backend too for irix, or perhaps talk straight to imon.


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