Re: new vfolder questions

> > I'm trying to upgrade Red Hat to newer gnome-vfs, and am having
> > trouble figuring out how it all works:
> > 
> >  - what are <Parent> and <ParentLink>, and how are they different?
> > 
> >  - what are the -all-users variants, vs without?
I'm pretty sure this second one is simple enough. If you use the
-all-user variant ie. preferences-all-users:/// you will edit the system
wide menus [if you have permissions] and changes will be made to
prefix/etc/gnome-vfs-2-0/vfolders/*. If you edit preferences:/// you
will just be modifying a local menu description in .gnome2/vfolders/ -
it copies the vfolder file from system, modifies it and stores in your
home directory.

I have absolutely no clue about the first one though :/

			See ya,
				Glynn ;)

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