Re: tasklist applet

"Mark D'voo" <mailinglists insightbb com> writes:
> Are we ever going to see more configuration for the tasklist applet, like we 
> used to see in 1.4?  I'd really like to see the options, horizontal 
> orientation or vertical orientation, and also, dont' follow panel size, and 
> make the size the length of the longest title.

Query for libwnck bugs and look at stuff on the GNOME2.x milestone to
see some of the plans. 

For all those options you need to go through these questions:

 - why do you want the different behavior

 - why would someone _not_ want the different behavior

 - if _everyone_ wants the different behavior, we should just switch
   to it, not make it an option. Does everyone want it? Why or why

 - if there are two different behaviors needed, can the two cases be
   autodetected? if so let's do that, no need to make the user
   configure it manually.

 - is the reason for wanting or not wanting a minor issue that doesn't
   matter much? if so, then we should just pick a default, it's not
   worth a preference.

If both the reason to want and the reason to not want are significant,
and we can't autodetect the situation where you want one vs. the
other, maybe it should be a preference.

If you file bugs for the features you want, please include answers to
the above questions. In particular the bug should ask for a problem or
inconvenience to be solved (explain _what problem_ you are trying to
solve), rather than assuming a particular solution such as adding a
config option.

In short, config options are not features in themselves, they are
means to an end; what is the end. Always start with that.



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