Re: Are Bounce and Slow keys mutually exclusive ?

I vote for flexibility, that is for NOT making slow-keys and bounce-keys 
mutually exclusive. I once worked with someone who could have used both.
3 Oct 2002, Bill Haneman wrote:

> Jody:
> My take on this....
> XKB allows SlowKeys and BounceKeys to be set at the same time, some
> existing GUIs for XKB features (AccessX) do not.  Earl seems to think
> that there is no use case for which both are appropriate.  
> The counterexample I can come up with is this: a BounceKeys user wants
> to avoid multiple keypresses resulting from tremors.  If the tremors are
> severe, SlowKeys could make matters worse since SlowKeys would require
> the user to hold a key down for a minimum continuous period before
> accepting the key.  However, BounceKeys alone only guards against
> multiple keypresses, so if a user has lateral targeting problems as
> well, SlowKeys could be the right answer.
> For such users, SlowKeys alone (with a relatively short timeout) might
> work better than BounceKeys, even when tremors are present.
> Earl seems to say that nobody would really benefit from using both at
> once, and SlowKeys could be an impairment for BounceKeys users.  I think
> AccessX/XKB features can stand in the user's way in general, if the
> timing parameters are inappropriate to the user's needs, so it's not
> 100% obvious to me that this is grounds for making the two mutually
> exclusive.  
> -Bill 
> On Thu, 2002-10-03 at 17:42, Jody Goldberg wrote:
> > On Thu, Oct 03, 2002 at 09:00:40AM -0700, earl johnson wrote:
> > > Having radiobuttons designed so you have to add a third button that 
> > > says don't select either one of those other 2 buttons seems bogus to me. 
> > 
> > The initial design used stock checkboxes but put in place the
> > exclusion with to visible rationale for it.  Before talking about UI
> > can we please get a normative response on whther they actually are
> > mutually exclusive ?  XKB makes them distinct the sun AccessX
> > extension makes them conflict.  Which is correct ?
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