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I really love the consistancey on the Mac and I cant wait for the day when
i can truthfully say that Gnome is like the Mac only easier to use.
Obviously the system used by Microsoft gives a little more flexibility and
as a result power but personally on principle i would think the
reduced usability and confusion is far less valuable.

I would very much like for Gnome to decide sooner rather than later if
Ctrl+LeftClick === right Click

This restriction would leave developers with only a tiny amount less
choice but it would allow PPC users and other user with a system that has
an input device besides the supposedly "*nix standard" three button mouse
that much more consitancey accesibilty and flexibility.

I hope that perhaps those with experience with development for the
Macintosh can confirm if this really is a good idea.  Personally i find
the consistancey immensly useful, although I wonder I would be very
worried that open source developers might choose to ignore such a


Alan Horkan

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IMNSHO ctrl+left button === right click !

how about using Shift click instead?


In Microsoft's not so humble opinion, ctrl+left button != right click. See
MSWord, MSIE, or any other app in existence. Even GNOME applications don't
do this. Maybe MacOSX does, unless you're sane and threw out the crap
mouse that came with the iWhack and bought an Intellimouse.

In MSWord, ctrl+left button on an image makes a copy of the image and
drops it where you release the mouse button. I might be able to get
dragging around via the left mouse button alone and I'll look into that
when I get back from Thanksgiving holiday. Shift+left button is used for
creating selections.



PPPS Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it.  mmm cranberries.

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