Re: Uploading GNOME2 API docs

murrayc t-online de (Murray Cumming) writes:

> still doesn't have all of the GNOME2 API docs. The
> GTK+ API docs upload seems to work well. How does that work, so we can
> do the same for the GNOME docs too?

There is a magic script that runs, builds stuff and then extracts
the docs from the result.

Anyone with acess to the gnomeweb account on could
theoretically add stuff to the result, but in practice it's
something that maintain when I'm feeling bored, and otherwise
avoid. (It tends to be quite fragile, though the problem last
time I did an update of crashing the box each morning was a bit

I had hopes we could get the docs from the tinderbox build, but
now that Jacob isn't around that seems even less likely to happen.


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