Re: Questions on the upcoming 2.1.3/2.2 releases

<quote who="Louis Garcia">

> I'm planning on upgrading my rh8 system starting with 2.1.3, since this is
> after the feature freeze hopefully should be stable enough.
> Is 2.2 going to depend on gtk+-2.2? If so, is gtk+ on roughly the same
> time table as gnome?

GNOME 2.1.x does depend on features in GTK+ 2.1.x and Pango 1.1.x. The GTK+
timeframe has been similiar enough to ours that we haven't been worried,
however it did come up in last night's release team meeting. :-) Will have
to ask Owen about it this week.

> Where is gstreamer on the dependency list? Hopefully above the base
> libraries?

GStreamer will be in the Desktop release this time around (same level as
eel, libgnomeprint, et al.)

> What's the status of gnome-themes and gnome-icon-theme? Are these packages
> going to be merged? I'm a bit confused on the purpose of two separate
> packages.

Yes, as noted (and described) in the proposed modules emails from a couple
of weeks ago.

> When gnome-2.1.3 is announced can you list the packages in the proper
> dependence order?

The new modules will be listed in the 2.1.3 release notes again (they're all
Desktop modules), and there is a list of 2.0.x modules in dependency order
in the 2.0.x release notes. We're not too fussed about dependency order
stuff because we have build systems like GARNOME and jhbuild that help you
build from tarballs and CVS.


- Jeff

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