[RSN #4] Rollin'!

RSN #4: Rollin'!

So, 2.0.3 came out today, with 2.1.3 coming very soon, just a couple more
module releases to sort out. Both branches seem to be running along very
smoothly at the moment - feels like we're very comfortably within schedule.

But our Jan 31st deadline is fast approaching, so it's BUG BUSTING TIME!

The Bugmeister: Luis Villa

  - There is a terribly insufficient amount of dogfooding going on.
    EVERYONE (who can) SHOULD BE RUNNING 2.1. :) This is extremely important
    to get things stable.

  - The bugsquad continues to do a very solid and quickly scaling job of
    tackling bugs. Our current total number of open bugs is lower than it's
    ever been while I've been involved with GNOME, which is not necessarily
    a great indication that we have fewer bugs :) but it is a good
    indication that we're moving towards a cleaner and more usable bugzilla.
    The credit for that lies completely with the bugsquad. go bugsquad :)

  - This is the first time these lists have been based on work by the entire
    bugsquad, not just myself. The bugsquad is still learning, of course, so
    in some places these list may not be as consistent as 2.0 lists were.
    That's quite fine, I believe, at this point; every member of bugsquad is
    committed to learning more about the process and about consistency, so
    finding flaws in these lists is a good thing. Auditing and weeding these
    three links will be my personal goal for the rest of the week, so that
    by next week bugsquad will know better how it is performing (so far, so
    great!) and GNOME will have a more perfect idea of where 2.2 stands.

      The 25 worst bugs, more or less. These should be considered mustfix
      for 2.2:

      High priority 2.1 bugs. This is the candidate pool for 2.2
      showstoppers, and may overlap with the set from the previous link:

      High priority 2.0 bugs; if these are present in 2.1 they are part of
      the candidate pool for 2.2 showstoppers. This may overlap some with
      the previous link:


You Are Here

You don't have to feel like a small, wide-eyed child lost in a ginormous
shopping centre forever - the release team is here to help! Think of us as
the shiny, big red dot on the shopping centre map of GNOME.

     November 2002
  Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
                 (1) 2   RELEASE: GNOME 2.1.2 Snapshot
   3  4  5  6  7  8  9
  10 11 12 13 14 15 16
  17 18 19 20 21(22)23                                       .-------------.
 -24-25-26-27-28-29(30)- FREEZE: UI and API/ABI Freeze   <--/ YOU ARE HERE /
     December 2002
  Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
   1  2  3  4  5  6  7
   8  9 10 11 12 13 14
  15(16)17(18)19 20 21   DUE/RELEASE: GNOME 2.1.4 Snapshot
  22 23 24 25 26 27 28
  29 30(31)              FREEZE: Hard String Freeze for i18n

      January 2003
  Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
            1  2  3  4
   5 (6) 7 (8) 9 10 11   DUE/RELEASE: GNOME 2.1.90 RC1
  12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  19(20)21(22)23 24 25   DUE/RELEASE: GNOME 2.1.91 RC2
  26(27)28(29)30 31      DUE/RELEASE: GNOME 2.2.0 Final

- Jeff

    "I'm just mucking round down the shallow end of the literary pool, I    
                          suppose." - Mick Molloy                           

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