UI Review Summary - week 2

Hey there,

Okay, so I've gone through the logs for last week and written up some of
the stuff that we've discussed. I'm not sure where we stand with respect
to getting this stuff into bugzilla.gnome.org - maybe someone can

			See ya,
				Glynn :)

o Keyboard Accessibility Preferences
	- s/Beep when modifier is pressed/Beep when a modifier key is pressed/
	- Needs window icon
	- HIG frameless/bold labels 
	- s/Mouse/Mouse Keys/ in tab label
	- Need to add space between the 3 sliders/spinners on the Mouse tab
	- Mouse Preferences... button looks wrong - remove the frame, move the
	- 'Filters' is a rather bad label - can't think of a better one though
	- When you click on 'Import Feature Settings...' you get 'Import CDE...'
	  in the file selector dialog window title - needs changing to what
	  is on the button

o Background Preferences
	- Use the terms 'Tile', 'Center', 'Scale' and 'Stretch'
	- 'Color' chip should be right aligned with 'No Picture' button
	  when Style=Solid
	- <Gman> scrap the buttons, use radio boxes and update the large
	  image ;)

o Default Applications
	- Needs a window icon
	- HIG borderless/bold labels etc..
	- <Eimi> Could the 3 tabs be combined into just one page with 
	  (borderless) frames
	- 'Select a Web Browser:' and 'Custom Web Browser:' don't fit well
	  together - ones a verb and ones a noun
		- s/Select a Web Browser/Select a web browser/
		- s/Custom Web Browser/Use a custom web browser/
	- Remove the 'Command:' label, it's not needed
		- or perhaps just move the label and text entry down and 
		- perhaps add a 'Browse' button?
	- s/Start in Terminal/Run in a terminal
		- for consistancy with the Run dialog in the panel
	- Properties dialog in Text Editor should be moved into main
	- s/This app needs to be run in a shell/Run in a terminal/
	- s/This app can open multiple files/Editor can open multiple files/
	- s/Select an Editor:/Select an editor:/
	- s/Custom Editor/Use a custom editor:/
	- s/Select a Terminal/Select a terminal
	- s/Custom Terminal/Use a custom terminal/
	- s/Gnome Terminal/GNOME Terminal/
	- Command label and text entry moved down and indented
	- Exec Flag entry is too large
		- doesn't make too much sense, since the user is expected
		  to type %s in the Web Browser tab?

o File Types and Programs
	- No one seems to know what a 'Service' is
	- Treeview needs sortable columns
		- nice to be able to sort by extension
	- Treeview needs alternate stripey row entry things
	- applications:/// server-settings:/// start-here:/// preferences:///
	 trash:/// and system-settings:/// don't have descriptions
	- Add File type's No Icon doesn't have a mnemonic
		- give it a label and left align it?
	- Should use new HIG borderless frame dialog style
	- s/Filename extensions:/Filename Extensions
	- s/Run in Terminal/Run in a terminal
	- Choose a file category needs a window icon
	- Should have an 'Add' button
		- not obvious you need to type extension and then hit 'return'
	- s/Add:/Extension:/ if 'Add' button is included
	- If you add an image to a file type, then go back into the choose
	  image dialog, unset the image and return, the image is still on
	  the button
	- Actions frame is completely non-intuitive
		- What does 'Content Loser'
			    'View as Sample'
			    'View as Text'
			    'None' do? 
		- potential conflict with panel menu
	- Add Service needs a window icon
	- Borderless frames
	- s/Run in Terminal/Run in a terminal
	- What is a protocol
		- no one seems to know what this dialog is either :/
	- s/Program:/Command: 
		- since you might need to add arguments?
		- consistancy with default applications
	- Not sure what 'Custom' is supposed to represent
		- insensitive widget :(

o Font Preferences
	- Frameless/bold HIG stuff
	- If Window title font is disabled from another place, then the
	  label should be greyed out as well - similarly for terminal
	- Difference between Application and Desktop font still confusing ;)
	- Almost no difference for 3 out of 4 radio box examples
		- perhaps only have one example box that showed current 
		- laying them out 2x2 makes it hard to see the difference
			- perhaps 1x4?
	- No one knows what Subpixel smoothing is
		- Acroread4s Cooltype preference dialog just gives you 
		 	'Sample A'
			'Sample B' ..
		  and gets you to choose one, instead of blinding you with
		  jargon ;)
	- s/Resolution (dots per inch):/Resolution
		- have 'dpi' after spinner
		- could spinner be replaced with drop down menu?
			- only a few ranges, right?
	- Same comments apply to Hinting and Smoothing as above
	- How does the interaction work with both tabs?
	- Images beside Subpixel order radio buttons need to be moved
	  closer to the labels

o Keyboard Shortcuts
	- Treeview needs stripey lines
	- Emacs/GNOME shouldn't really exist in the UI
		- leave Emacs option behind some GConf/rc key
	- s/Display "Run" dialog/Display "Run Application" dialog
	- s/shortcut/shortcut key/
	- Metacity keybindings should use 'Desktop Background' to be 
	  consistant with the other documentation
	- s/screen shot/screenshot
	- 'Raise window if obscured, lowers it otherwise' 
		- s/lowers/lower/ #imperative
	- 'Toggle whether the window is on all workspaces'	
		- s/the/a/ #or should the others be change to 
		  "the window" instead?
	- <Gnils> i'll tell you one thing, its real easy to 
	  screw up shit, and have no idea what the default was
	- <huey> Would it perhaps be better to have the categories 
	  (Desktop, Window Management) in a combobox? That means 
	  less scrolling.

o Keyboard Preferences 
	- Should provide a test entry
	- Images are rather redundant
	- Sound tab looks misplaced
		- Possibly merge the 2 tabs together?
	- Frameless/Bold HIG stuff
	- <Gman>  i think i'd like to expand the dialog's size a little,
	  the accessibility and help buttons look too close.
	- <Eimi>  "Cursor Blinks" sounds odd.  Perhaps "Cursor Blinking" 
	  or something?

o Mouse Preferences
	- Test image is pretty ugly
	- Help text removal from the dialog
		- If not it should read "Left-handed mouse mode swaps 
		  the functions of the left and right mouse buttons."
	- s/Delay/Timeout
	- HIG Frame stuff

o Sound
	- "Enable sound server startup" if it does it straight away, 
	  it's not really needed at all, you could just turn it on when 
	  you checked "sounds for events"
	- s/File to play/Sound File
	- Shows sounds that aren't installed on your system
		- if you don't install gnome-audio
	- HIG Frame stuff
	- Stripey treeview
	- Play button looks better to the right of the Browse button
	- Columns aren't resizable
	- <calum> there's no obvious way to remove a sound from an event
	- Sound events should use words from the doc list
		- s/Action button click/Click on command button
		- s/Check box toggled/Select check box
		- s/Menu item activation/Choose menu item
		- s/GNOME system events/System events
		- s/Error Messages/Error message
		- s/Informational Messages/Informational message
		- s/Login/Log in
		- s/Logout/Log out
		- s/Miscellaneous Messages/Miscellaneous message
		- s/Question Dailogs/Question dialog
		- s/Warning Messages/Warning message
		- s/New Mail/New mail
	- <calum> the categories in the first column don't seem to be 
	  ordered in any sane way, and you can't click on the column 
	  headers to sort them

o Theme preferences *
	- Go to theme folder seems silly
		- only reason is to delete themes? in which case there should
		  be a Remove Theme button
		- in any case, remove the ellipsis
		- s/Go to theme folder/Go to Theme Folder
	- Remove help text for dragging tarballs onto the dialog
		- if not, read "You can also drag a theme into this 
		  window to install the theme"
o Sessions 
	- http://www242.pair.com/~nilsp/nils/sesh/sesh_hci_spec.html
	- s/Prompt/Ask

o Menus and Toolbars 
	- s/Button Labels/Buttons labels
	- s/detached and moved around/detached
	- Order is 'Menus and Toolbars' in the title, the widgets are
	  reversed in reality
	- Might be nice to have a preview pane for the menus to see the
	  effect of instant apply
	- s/Text Below Icons/Text below icons
	- s/Text Beside Icons/Text beside icons
	- s/Icons Only/Icons only
	- s/Text Only/Text only

o Window Preferences
	- Thanks to Eugene for summarizing this 

o File Management Preferences
	- Needs a window icon
	- Dialog will grow as more views are added
	- s/Arrange Items/Arrange items
	- Some confusion over the exclusiveness of compact and manual 
	- Drop down list are generally too wide. Should only be as wide
	  as the longest entry
	- Seperator in the tab Files and Folders is confusing
	- s/Activate items with a single click/Single click to 
	  activate items
	- s/Text Files/Scripts for consistancy
	- <Eimi> s/Files and Folders/Behavior for the tab label
	- s/Execute/Run
	- More spacing needed
	- "Include a Delete command that bypasses Trash" seems wrong
		- no real concrete suggestions on a change though :(

	- Lots of unused space
	- Help text removal
		- a preview pane would be nice
	- Sentence capitalization rules apply for the drop down lists

	- Units for file size in Preview tab are wrong, should use Kb
		- see http://developer.gnome.org/documents/style-guide/apbs02.html
	- <huey> Number of file size options is too large. Maybe just have
	  'small', 'medium' and 'large' and let you specify the file sizes
	  in gconf? ie.
		Small (100 KB)
		Medium (1 MB)
		Large (10 MB)

* This dialog is pretty influx - suggest revisiting it at a later stage

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