Re: installing translated docs

We tackled this in Anjuta by making the i18n stuff into a different
package (seperate package for each language might be a bit too much
IMO). So, the default install gets you english, and if you install i18n,
then you get support for all other languages. The pakaging also becomes
much simpler this way.

Hope this helps.


> Folks -
> We now have the embarassment of riches associated with the large
> quantity of translated documentation provided by the Sun team.[1]
> The normal procedure is to include them in the tarball and install them
> alongside the normal gnome/help/appname/C/ directory used by the English
> documentation,so the German, for example, would go in
> gnome/help/appname/de/, etc.
> The large number of translations being provided, however, will add
> substantially to the size of the tarballs. For gnome-utils, as one
> example, the tarball will grow by approximately 600k. Eye of GNOME, as
> another example, will grow by more than 200k, according to Mike Lei, who
> is working on getting the translations installed. The Users' Guide with
> all the translations included would be larger than the Koender's pig[2].
> Is there an alternative that would allow users to pull down
> tarballs only for their language of choice, or does that create too
> complex a management problem?
> KDE apparently had or has "language support packages" that included
> localized docs.[3]
> Has this already been thought through?
> Cheers,
> John
> [1] See
> for previous, inconclusive discussion of this issue.
> [2]
> [3]
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