Good God's E-nd TO war in the Middle East AND WWWorld

Bon jour,
Since this is my group, I proudly annonce end of war in the Middle East by Christmas, 2002. USin' GNOME AND GNU / Linux AND FRE-E E-ducation @ link below.  Please tell E-veryone this can be verified by readin' FRE-E Cash++ @ the link below.
AND Good God bless E-veryone of Us contributions TO this FRE-E GNU movement, like the USA, which made this possible !!!
US actual goal is E-nd of ALL war by Christmas, 2002 as a Christmas present TO my children, Chad Loren AND Jessica Christine Zemple !!!

Merci beaucoup,
" Dutch " L. Zempel
FRE-E Cash++ Much, Much More ( 3M ) FRE-E stuff @ ( MCI )
voice @ 1.763.543.90210     Beverly Hills ???

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