Re: GNOME branding, recruiting, and identity [was Re: [Usability]Definition of "desktop" - was a Usability topic.]

Hey there,

> Glynn had a fun new GNOME About box a little while back; I suggested
> (privately) it have links to,, and a
> couple other places, with text along the lines of 'GNOME is a big, happy
> community; here is how you can help us make a kick-ass desktop.' [Full
> text of my suggested modifications are around somewhere, if anyone
> cares.] Would that be a reasonable start, if someone has time to tackle
> doing a newer, more informative about box?

While I'm rather ashamed/embarrassed to show what I've written, since
it's totally unfinished and unworked upon since the Boston summit -

Now, obviously [no corporate conspiracy here], I had plans to do the
following - 

	o Show the foot animation 
	o Scroll the text stuff
	o Show the contributors names
	o Then maybe show a montage of companies involved flames [1].

It would be cool if someone tried to work on this - would be nice to
give the project some sense of identity. I'll probably pick it up
sometime in the future again...but *way* too busy right now.

			See ya,
				Glynn ;)

[1] not even itty bitty ones...

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