Re: UI Review Suggestions

On Mon, 2002-11-18 at 14:40, Bill Haneman wrote:
> ...Gaute said:
> > 
> > I have another one for the panel:
> > - Getting to the panel context menu may be impossible with the mouse on a
> > full panel. Currently you have to rely on bugs to do this (for instance
> > some applets not abiding by Fitt's law and thus creating a small space
> > where you can find the context menu). Having a "panel" submenu on the
> > context-menus of applets might be the only choice.
> Try Control-F10 (once the panel is focussed, for instance via
> Control-Alt-TAB)
> :-)
> much easier...

This is neither easy nor intuitive for the average user.  Heck, *I* find
it unintuitive. ~,^  It also thus depends on the keyboard, which can be
slightly annoying.  I imagine there may be some sort of accessibility
issue involved as well.

The submenu idea is best; if that isn't easily possible, someway of
ensuring there is always some easy panel space to get to might be good
as (say a few pixels at each end of the panel if the hide buttons are
disabled).  Right-clicking on the menu/window-list-corner-thingy in the
Menu Panel should perhaps work, too.

> - Bill
> > Gaute
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