Re: GNOME 2.0.3 tarballs REMINDER

Hi. Anyone want to roll a gnome-applets release? I tried to build out of
cvs with RH 8.0 but ran into some problems with utf8 encodings in gkb
keyprop files, so I probably won't have time to make one myself in the
next few days. There's a nice battstat crasher fix that needs to be


On Mon, 2002-11-18 at 06:22, Glynn Foster wrote:
> Hey,
> Not much action from the 2.0.3 front - let's raise the prize...naked
> picture of Jeff clutching pants, personally signed by the man himself.
> If that doesn't tempt you, I don't know what will.
> Seriously, would love to see more tarballs...
> 				Glynn :)

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