Re: the Nautilus context menu

> It doesn't seem worth alienating skilled computer users in an effort to
> make file management seem as simple as pie - which it isn't.

Totally offtopic but I would love to play with a system where you dont
ever have to think about file management.  Thank goodness email clients
dont make you name and place every file that you receive it just puts them
in a predefined place (ie your inbox), someone must have tried to do
something like this to abstract away the need to mess about with files so

> IIRC, it was removed because it's a usability bug. Simply clicking on an
> item made the label editable when you didn't want it to be, and the
> label would refuse to become editable if you actually did.

that confirms what i thought, i really should keep notes of where i read
these things.

> Presumably "Cancel" is if you don't want to "hold" whatever you "picked
> up" any more. Really, this has the same problem as cut/paste. If you
> "pick up" something, and then go and do something else, where does the
> file go? Answer: it hasn't gone anywhere. So "Cancel" is just a
> non-functional menu item :-)

This should not be necessary, moving off the menu (possibly with a delay)
should get rid of it.  In Microsoft Windows to dismiss a menu without
doing anything you hit alt (in most cases you have used something like
Alt+f to get the menu).


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