Re: the Nautilus context menu

I think in general the over reliance on context menus in Microsoft is bad
for usability and that it makes far more sense whenever possible to open
the application and do the tast there.  You mention FileRoller and on
Microsoft Operating systems the context menu is useful for things like
Winzip because it can be slow and clunky if you already know what you
want.  Ideally you would make things faster and less clunkey (directly
browsing through the zip filesystems in nautilus) rather than adding a
load of context menus (sorry if i am getting a bit off the point).
Still this does not solve everything, the Mac has plenty of stuff hidden
in their context menu too.

> > For Rhythmbox (music player), we might add at some point a 'Add to Library'
> > or something for mp3 and oggs files. We can do dnd from Nautilus, but that's
> > not always obvious.
> >
> > Does this sound reasonable?

Seems a bit odd to me that you would do this (in a location that
is effectively) outside rythmbox.
Is this library something more than a playlist or group of playlists?
Would it not make more sense to open rythmbox and do this from within?

As someone interested in usability i wonder what is the end problem you
are really trying to solve?
Is it that the ordinary way of opening a file in rythmbox hides/destroys
the previous playlist?  I find this kind of behaviour annoying in Winamp
which does this by default although the behaviour can be changed to
instead add files to the playlist/queue.

In short, i think if you give me the chance we can probably figure out a
better behaviour and make it unneccessary to add anything to the context

Alan Horkan

There are 10 kinds of people,
those who understand Binary
and those who dont.

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