finalization issues (?)

I have my own GObject called SeahorseWidget, which contains a GladeXML,
plus some extra data.  I've hooked up the finalize function to free the
xml, then sets the xml to null.  To create a new dialog, I create a new
SeahorseWidget, which connect generic signals, such as when the cancel
button is pressed.  When the 'closed' signal calls g_object_unref on the
SeahorseWidget, which then causes finalize to be called.
The problem is that some dialogs can only have one instance at a time. 
I keep a static SeahorseWidget pointer in the dialog's source file.  To
check if an instance already exists, I check if the pointer is null, or
if pointer->xml is null.  If this does not fail, the I call
gtk_window_present(glade_xml_get_widget (swidget->xml, swidget->name)),
which gets the main window.  Unfortunately, the instance test does not
always fail when it should and I get segfaults from
Can anyone help out?  For more info, look at

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