Performance data for background properties capplet


Please find attached the forte and quantify performance report for
background properties capplet. 

Please get back to us in case you need additional information / data.

Muktha and Anand
Background Properties Capplet Performance Data Summary Report
(version 1.0)

1. Component Summary

Name of the Component
Background Properties Capplet
QA Contact muktha narayan wipro com, anand subra wipro com
Test Setup Config Parameter Forte Setup Quantify Setup
Hardware Details Sparc Ultra 10, 1 CPU Sparc Enterprise 250, 2 CPU
Memory 512 MB 1024 MB
Operating system Solaris 9, 64 Bit Solaris 8, 64 Bit
Build Details Source Code Location CVS
CVS Branch gnome-2-0
CVS Checkout Time Stamp Forte  Quantify  Purify 
Wed Oct 16 10:25:13 2002 Thu Oct 03 01:29:16 2002 Tue Oct 08 01:35:57 2002
Compiler (Version Infomation) Forte
Performance Utilities Used Quantify
Other Tools/Scripts -
Total. No. Of tests Run 1


2. Brief Description of Tests Done to Collect Performance Data
Test No. Test synopsis
Background_01 Invoked background properties capplet from Applications - Desktop Preferences menu, clicked on the 'Select Picture' and chose a jpeg image file from the file selector. Applied the image file as the desktop wallpaper and then closed the capplet.


3. Data

2.1 Test: Background_01

As per the quantify data collected, the top five functions which consumed the maximum percentage of the total execution time, have been considered for the analysis.

The forte leaks data showed a total of 16 MB leak when a JPEG image file was set as the background, and the capplet was closed.
Function Name Caller Callees Quantify Details Forte Details
jpeg_idct_islow decompress_onepass None
Called: 215040 times
Function time: 1284858715 cycles ( 20.07% of .root.)
Function+descendants time: 1284858715 cycles ( 20.07% of .root.)
Exclusive time: 6.520 secs
Inclusive time: 6.520 secs
Attributed time: 6.520 secs
ycc_rgb_convert sep_upsample None
Called: 7168 times
Function time: 1028801536 cycles ( 16.07% of .root.)
Function+descendants time: 1028801536 cycles ( 16.07% of .root.)
Exclusive time: 5.510 secs
Inclusive time: 5.510 secs
Attributed time: 5.510 secs
h2v2_fancy_upsample sep_upsample None
Called: 7168 times
Function time: 799160320 cycles ( 12.48% of .root.)
Function+descendants time: 799160320 cycles ( 12.48% of .root.)


Exclusive time: 3.590 secs
Inclusive time: 3.590 secs
Attributed time: 3.590 secs
scale_line pixops_process None
Called: 498 times
Function time: 754387332 cycles ( 11.78% of .root.)
Function+descendants time: 754387332 cycles ( 11.78% of .root.)
Exclusive time: 7.220 secs
Inclusive time: 7.220 secs
Attributed time: 7.220 secs
decode_mcu decompress_onepass jpeg_fill_bit_buffer
Called: 35840 times
Function time: 318593247 cycles ( 4.98% of .root.)
Function+descendants time: 413057888 cycles ( 6.45% of .root.)
Exclusive time: 2.150 secs
Inclusive time: 2.540 secs
Attributed time: 2.150 secs


3.1.1 Forte Collect Data
Sl. No. Data Collected Pointer to Data
er_print callers-callees data Gzipped Text File (43.6 KB)
er_print leaks data (for the top 500 leaks)[1] Gzipped Text File (45.7 KB)


3.1.2 Quantify Data
Sl. No. Data description Pointer to Data
Functions list Gzipped Text File (43.6 KB)
Export File Gzipped Text File (336 KB)
Annotated source files for the top five expensive functions - decode_mcu

[1] Due to huge sizes of the er_print data for leaks, the data in the attached gzipped files have been limited to the top 500 leaks only. The complete leaks information is however available and can be provided, if required.

4. Appendix

4.1 Forte data

Data is collected using the 'collect' and 'er_print' forte profiling tools. Data can be collected using the 'collect'command. All data can be converted into performance metrics computed against functions, callers and callees of any functions, and against source and disassembly of the target program. The 'er_print' command is used to get an ASCII output of the performance metrics obtained from the 'collect' command. 

Three types of function-level metrics can be computed using the performance analysis tools:

Exclusive metrics: are calculated from events which occur inside the function itself: they exclude metrics coming from calls to other functions. 

Inclusive metrics: are collected from events which occur inside the function and any functions it calls: they include metrics coming from calls to other functions

Attributed metrics:are the parts of the inclusive metric of the selected function that are due to calls from a caller or calls to a callee.

Exclusive user CPU time is the amount of time spent in the function itself, in seconds

Inclusive user CPU time is the amount of time spent in the function itself and any functions it calls, in seconds

Callers-callees data: Prints the callers-callees panel for each of the functions, in the order in which they are sorted. The selected (middle) function is marked with an asterisk. The callers of the selected function are shown above. The functions which the selected function calls are listed below.

Leaks data: The ?Leaks? report shows what memory has been leaked while the program was running.

4.2 Quantify data

Functions list: Displays the list of function calls sorted by percentage of '.root'

Exports file: Is the ASCII version of the quantify data. Elaborates on all the callers of a particular function, the number of times the function was called, propagated time, the function descendant time and many more metrics.

Annotated source: Presents a line by line performance data using the functions source code.

 Information contained in this E-MAIL being proprietary to Wipro Limited is 'privileged' 
and 'confidential' and intended for use only by the individual or entity to which it is 
addressed. You are notified that any use, copying or dissemination of the information 
contained in the E-MAIL in any manner whatsoever is strictly prohibited.


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