Re: GEP-2 Theme Sets (aka Metathemer)

Calum Benson <calum benson sun com> writes:

> - Accessibility.  When Seth originally proposed the 'theme suggests a
> font and background' idea, he also suggested the addition of an
> accessibility flag to the theme file (the .desktop file in this case)
> that, if set, would apply the font and background automatically without
> the user having to press the extra two buttons.  I'm unconvinced about
> this as it's better to avoid special-casing for accessibility features,
> and of course it's open to abuse by unscrupulous non-accessibility theme
> authors :)  But it's maybe something to think about.

I don't understand what was wrong with Seth Nickell's proposed dialog,
except that I would make the 'apply font' and 'apply background'
checkboxes instead of push buttons.

Here is a mockup:


This way, if the theme font or background were ugly, you could just
uncheck the check box and get your old font back. If you later on
changed the font via the regular font dialog, this check-box would
automatically be unchecked. Similarly for the the background.

To actually make the check-boxes work, an extra set of gconf keys
would have to be created,


When use-theme-fonts is true, the theme-font-* values would be used,
when it was false, the normal font values would be used. Similarly for
the background.

The implementation is somewhat complicated, but it wouldn't
necessarily be complicated to use.


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