gnome2 druid problems

I've filed a bug report about these, but maybe someone can help me out.
I want to use a gnome2 druid, which I've built with glade-2 and am
loading with libglade, but I'm having the following problems:

1. The start and end pages show up, but they have no visible content. 
They're just blank, with the buttons at the bottom.  Right now I've
resorted to just having standard pages, and no edge pages.

2. I'm connecting the 'next' signal with 'glade_xml_signal_connect', and
I don't want to the page to change if a certain GtkEntry is left blank. 
So I set the page to the current page and return FALSE, but it still
changes.  I even tried setting the signal in glade to run after, but
that doesn't seem to affect anything.  Is there a way to stop this from
Thanks for any help.

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