Re: Hrm...2.1.1 metacity workspaces issue

<quote who="Jason A. Pfeil"/>

> Wow!  What a surprise I had when I upgraded to 2.1.1 through GARNOME
> 0.18.3.  Everything appears to be in order and quite functional...with one
> exception so far:  metacity now only has a 1-dimensional layout for
> workspaces.  Is there any configuration option I can change to get the
> 2-dimensional layout back?  I use that *every* day at work and at home.


This is desktop-devel-list, which is intended for developer discussion.
Please mail gnome-list if you have queries about using the software (or
garnome-list if you're having troubles building it, or think it's a GARNOME

(In answer to your question: It works for me, though I don't use it. Right
click on the workspace switcher and change the number of rows.)


- Jeff

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