Re: Freeze Status -> Not Enough Releases!

On Fri, 2002-11-01 at 16:13, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> We have very few releases available for the 2.1.2 snapshot release. This is
> a particularly important release, because it marks the beginning of the
> coarse-grained feature freeze. Thus, all major changes must be checked in
> *and released as tarballs for 2.1.2* to qualify.
> The 2.1.2 release cannot wait - please make your tarball releases as soon as
> possible. Frustrating as it seems, it's easier to list the modules that have
> seen releases! We have:
>   libgnomeui
>   libgnome
>   yelp
>   libgtkhtml
>   nautilus
>   eel
>   libwnck
>   atk
>   bonobo-activation
>   gnome-applets

I *need* a gnome-vfs release for the "Network Servers" menu item to
actually do something correct. A gnome-vfs-extras would be nice,
although it would just fix an icon not being displayed...


/Bastien Nocera

Perfection is reached, not when there is no longer anything to add, but
there is no longer anything to take away.
						Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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