Re: [Fwd: Happy Halloween from 5th toe the new version.]

Am Don, 2002-10-31 um 21.41 schrieb Will LaShell:
> Arg!  I need to get the stupid mail list name right
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> Greetings everyone!
> So, as we are nearing the feature freeze point and Bastien and I finally
> are clear schedule wise, I've compiled a list of the original
> applications considered for entry into GNOME 5th toe.  Here is the list
> the I'd like to use to start building up the basis for the new 5th toe
> releases.
> Multimedia:
> -----------
> gthumb 
> gnomemeeting
> gstreamer
> gst-player 
> rhythmbox ( We will need monkey media etc for this, too )
> gimp ( I know its not a gnome app  but it's always been here )

What do you think of adding gnomeradio? ( -
it's a fm tuner app).


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