Minutes of GNOME 2 Release Team Meeting 2002-05-24

	Minutes of GNOME 2 Release Team Meeting 2002-05-24

Present:			Absent/apologies:
--------			-----------------

Calum Benson			Jody Goldberg
John Fleck			Karl Gaffney
Telsa Gwynne (minutes)		Jamin Gray
Greg Leblanc			Seth Nickell
Kjarten Maraas			Jeff Waugh
Michael Meeks 
Sander Vesik
Luis Villa


  DONE: Calum and Jody to look at Glynn's list of UI tweaks.
	Calum has done so.

  PENDING: Add a link to Havoc's gconf documentation page on dotplan.

  PENDING: John to look at what would be involved to get API docs registering
        themselves with Scrollkeeper; and also to bring up gtk-doc
        changes on gtk-doc list.
        This is in process; but it is likely to be post-G2. Have
	involved Hallski too.

  PENDING: Jody to look at a gnome-docs package which will include all the
        relevant docs/stuff.

  PENDING: Telsa/Jamin to collate the sort of changelog that Jamin posted
        this time round so that it can be folded into release notes.
        Jamin did this again. Left pending as ongoing for next release.

  PENDING: Jeff to write up thoughts on mentorship.

  PENDING: Sander and Luis to write up and circulate bug-sieving explanation
        and rules.

  PENDING: Jody and Sander to look at stylesheets required for help
        system and how to ensure everyone has them.
	They have started this.

  NEW: Kjarten to post on gnome-i18n, gnome-doc-list and desktop-devel 
	about string freezes. 


    * The ignored string freeze and what to do about it.

    Despite best efforts, the string freeze isn't "happening":  This
    could be for one (or more) of several reasons: too many schedule
    changes, the UI strings review, and so on. Whatever the reason,
    people are still making changes which break the string freeze 
    anyway. This is causing problems for documentors and particularly 
    translators, several of whom are most unhappy: 
    The whole rest of the call was about this. No real resolution
    that everyone is happy with.


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