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Hum, this didn't quite meet it's original target audience the first time
[Thanks Luis].

			See ya,
				Glynn :)

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> Also the large effort done by the ui-review team showed us a big lack of
> consistency and quality control of the UI as a whole. It would be sad if
> all this work wasn't included in the release.

Okay, I guess I am to blame for all the confusion...and I'm sad that I
didn't think of it earlier. Ideally we should set about planning this
type of review on a regular basis - but that takes time, a whole lot of
energy/motivation/enthusiasm and it's besides the point.

> So - what can be done?

Calum has gone through the entire list of changes [1] and set realistic
milestones for each change. Most of the changes are *very* low impact
changes - ie. the only bug that it will probably create is 'bugging the

I think we should try and organize a definitive list for all these
changes and have some of the translators look over it to make sure that
they can cope with the changes. By 'cope' I mean avoid having to
translate it into a 30 word setence ;)

I feel it's right that we should try and stick to the GNOME 2.0 release
dates and the present freezes but obviously if these dates [and I hope
they don't] slip then it would be a real pity not to have gotten these
changes in earlier.

Another concern is that we should try and make GNOME 2.0 as polished as
we can, since in it's nature it's a 'dot zero' release and will get a
rather large amount of exposure....but obviously it's more important to
get it out in the first place.

So, based on Calum's recommendations, I'm game for changes and willing
to help coordinate and make sure that the documentation and translation
people are notified for each change [2].

			See ya,
				Glynn ;)

[1] affecting gnome-panel, nautilus, desktop preferences and gnome
terminal - we kinda ran out of speed after this

[2] yeah, yeah, I'm gonna regret this later on, I'm sure

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