Gnome-media 1.547.0 released

Yes, it's time for a new release.

Gnome-Media 1.547.0 is now released. This release is codenamed "Jeg Er
Ikke Her". In a time when everyone else is moving from Scandanavian
codenames to music related ones, I decided to go the other way.

What has changed?

Stuff, nothing very important, execpt things have got better all over. A
few bugs were fixed, most notably gnome-volume-control should build on
ALSA<=0.5 again. Still no ALSA 0.9 support, but that'll come eventually.
This release is mainly just to update y'all on the latest stuff. It's
also the UI frozen release[1] and writing these announcements is an
attempt to cheer me up after I lost an online auction[2].

There's now screenshots. Everyone loves screenshots, who cares about
changes, because there's screenshots. Woooo!

Downloads from the usual place.

Drink milk, it's good for you

[1] But we all know how good I am with freezes.
[2] [3]
[3] If anyone has one lying around that they don't want, all donations
would be gratefully received.
"Things like Destiny's Child are just repressed sexuality. It happens
with boys and men too. I feel embarrassed for them when I listen to
Stereophonics or Coldplay. That's not music for men." -- Alec Empire

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