RE: Multi-head session management

Here are the issues still pending with regard to multi-screen session

Issue 1 : What is the behavior if the screen number present in the
saved session file is not available at next login?

Solution : Make the app fallback on screen .0

Note: Will the default screen(.0) will always be available?

Issue 2:
* From Machine A in failsafe mode start gnome-session on Machine B.
* Invoke some applications from the started session on Machine B .
* Log out after saving the session. 
* From Machine A, restart gnome-session on Machine B.
* Session gets started on Machine B and applications get restored
* Log out of the session on Machine B.
* Log out of the failsafe mode in Machine A.
* Log in the console of Machine A with GNOME Desktop Environment.
* All saved applications and panel get restored on Machine B .
What is the expected behavior in this scenario?


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jacob berkman <jacob ximian com> writes: 
> how do we then handle working with other SMs and other apps (KDE, 
> CDE)?
> i am surprised you are favoring the idea of the SM munging data which 
> doesn't belong to it w/o having a standard to back it up :)

The reason is that I don't think any SM setup currently handles this
stuff correctly, so there's no way to both be standard/compatible 
and also working.
I would favor writing down whatever we decide to do and posting it on


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