RE: Help suckage for GNOME2 ..continued

  I have created a patch for libgnomeui for enabling help on applications. 
  Also modified  sample applications (gcalc and gcharmap) to show the help.

  Currently I have changed  the  create_help_entries() function 
  in  gnome-app-helper.c to 

  - create a Menu Item  "Help Contents" 
  - to fire gnome help browser (Yelp for my case and opens the help file for the application)
    when "Help Contents"  is clicked.
 The changes that are made  on application side are 

  - adding GNOME_PARAM_APP_DATADIR,DATADIR, in gnome_program_init()
  - adding -DDATADIR=\""$(datadir)"\" under INCLUDES in

  There is no other changes need to be made on application side and applications 
  can make a call to GNOMEUIINFO_HELP (for example  GNOMEUIINFO_HELP("gnome-calculator") )
  to get the help menu . 

  Attaching the snapshots of the application and the help file .

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From: Dan Mueth [mailto:muet alumni uchicago edu]
On 26 Mar 2002, Mikael Hallendal wrote:

> If I'm not mistaken libgnome does parse the TOC-files from ScrollKeeper
> so that applications are to be able to have the TOC in there Help-menu.

>Ah.  I vote that this part goes.  I never felt it made much sense to put
>the TOC of a document in the Help menu for an application.  It may make
>sense to have a menu item for a special section (eg. an appendix to the
>Gnumeric manual on writing equations), but it is better to just bind this 
>menu item to the appropriate gnome-help: URI by hand in the application.


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