Re: [Nautilus-list] Creating Launchers with Nautilus. Potensial patch.

This is being fixed in the wrong place! The application:// URI should
support users dragging files into it. And just copying files in using
GnomeVFSXfer. If that isn't working, it should be fixed. When the user
doesn't have permission to put a .desktop file somewhere or change one
(they usually won't), the vfolder method should automatically put the
file in ~/.vfolders or whatever the user folder is called.

Don't go rewriting the vfolder system inside Nautilus please ;-)


On Tue, 2002-03-05 at 06:02, Gaute Lindkvist wrote:
> > Well. To end up in application:///Internet it needs to have the category
> > Application;Network, not Application;Internet. Since the vfolder spec
> > says:
> Gulp.. it also makes the save_vfolder immensly more complicated, since I
> cannot just assume that the category is the same as in the URI. This just
> makes me more sure that someone else will have to handle this issue, since
> I'm very much a newbie to Gnome-development.
> Gaute
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