Re: Reducing the number of special uris in gnome

On Fri, 2002-06-28 at 13:11, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> On 28 Jun 2002, Dave Bordoley wrote:
> > On Fri, 2002-06-28 at 12:33, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> > > 
> > > There is already one place where you can reach everything else, 
> > > start-here:. There will never be "only one place". I mean, there are 
> > > subdirs to applications:// that are other places.
> > 
> > No right now there are four seperate uris that are used to launch apps
> > (applications://, preferences://, system-settings://,
> > server-settings://) I meant one central starting point for launching
> > applications in nautilus (of course users should be able to do whatever
> > they want ,adding launcher to directories etc., but we should try to
> > create a consistent easy to use default).
> Why do you think the name preferences:// is so completely different than
> applications://preferences to the user? The way you navigate it in the UI 
> is exactly the same: (1) go to toplevel place, (2) click on preferences 
> icon. The only thing you seem to gain by applications://preferences is to 
> tell the user that preferences is an application.
> What if the toplevel would be start-here: and applications a true subdir.
> start-here://applications. That would be the same as you would want. I 
> don't see why the URIs matter at all to the users, and if they did, i'd 
> prefer the simpler preferences: than toplevel-something://preferences for 
> the few times you wanted to type it.
> > > > This is similar to mac finder in osx. There is one directory where all
> > > > apps (including the macs version of the control-center) is launched
> > > > from. I think having doubled functionality is confusing. I'm not the
> > > > only one either...
> > > 
> > > Yes. In gnome this is start-here.
> > 
> > No it isn't, it's applications://. (That was the whole point of the
> > vfolder method right, lets us created this one location for launching
> > all apps that is not hardcoded to a central location though).
> That was not the point at all of vfolders. The point of vfolders is that 
> the menus can be merged from several places so that installation of menu 
> entries by third party applications would be simpler, but yet controllable 
> by the sysadmin/distro creator. 
> > > So you want to expose the fact to users that our settings dialogs are in 
> > > fact applications?
> > 
> > Seth already made this decision when he put preferences in the
> > applications menu (and therefore in the applications:// directory).
> > 
> > (applications://Preferences, applications://system)
> And I must say I disagree with this decision, since they were already put 
> somewhere else before that. That decision was already made before seth 
> made his decision, if that matters.
> I would prefer if e.g. "desktop preferences" were part of the toplevel 
> gnome menu rather than under applications, since I'm not sure at all that 
> people will look under applications when they browse the menu looking for 
> where to change the font. Of course they'll quickly learn that the fact 
> that the submenu is called applications doesn't mean anything, and in fact 
> whatever you want to do it's the menu to look in (unless you want to take 
> a screenshot, which for some unknown reason has been decided is more 
> worthy than e.g. preferences of a top-level menu entry).
Exactly!!! . I find it to be extremely counter intuitive to place
System/Desktop preferences/settings under the Applications menu.
Why not simply add a Preferences/Settings toplevel menu to the menu bar.

I think the menu as it stands is a total mess.  I mean it is like
someone decided ( they did ) to just throw everything under
 applications://help ? how does this make sense?
 applications://"Home Folder" ? what is that about?

I think that Start-Here:// would have been a better choice, but hey that
is just my opinion.
Start-here://help this is much better right?
Start-here://"Home Folder"
Start-here://Games I don't think that "games" belongs under


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