Re: Reducing the number of special uris in gnome

On Fri, 2002-06-28 at 11:42, Alexander Larsson wrote:

I agree that people think spacially. My point is that all of these
special directories double the funcitionality of Applications:// so why
not have one directory with subdirectories, rather than 6 totally
unconnected locations. preferences are included in Applications,
system-setting are all there as well, etc.

If necessary put an applications directory launcher on the desktop.
Having a hierarchy is nice since you can do things like use the up
arrow. This confused the hell out of me when i first started using
redhat 7.2 (shortly after I started using linux), because these
directories appear to be folders in start-here but are not. I,  being a
complete newbie to gnome at the time, found this very confusing (filed a
ton of bugs cuz i didn't understand what was going on).

Another problems with start-here:, system-settings and server-settings
is that other than root, all other users can't edit these directories
since they just redirect to hardcoded locations.

I think having one central location for launching apps like applications
is ideal. 


> I think it will lead to more confusion.
> Although i'd agree any day that start-here is a bad name, but i haven't 
> heard a better one yet.
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