Re: GNOME CVS: xscreensaver menthos

On Mon, 2002-06-24 at 21:02, Gnome CVS User wrote:
> CVSROOT:	/cvs/gnome
> Module name:	xscreensaver
> Changes by:	menthos	02/06/24 20:02:46
> Modified files:
> 	.              : ChangeLog 
> 	po             : ChangeLog 
> Removed files:
> 	po             : ca.po da.po de.po es.po et.po fi.po fr.po hu.po 
> 	                 it.po ja.po ko.po nl.po no.po pl.po pt.po 
> 	                 pt_BR.po ru.po sk.po sv.po uk.po wa.po zh_CN.po 
> 	                 zh_TW.po 
> Log message:
> 2002-06-25  Christian Rose  <menthos menthos com>
> * Updated ALL_LINGUAS to reflect removal of all po files.
> * po/*.po: Removed, we don't want translation updates here.

ok, so you didn't ask me about this, and in fact i *do* want the
translations there...

if you don't want people to translate it, feel free to add a

please ask (and get approval) for other commits to this module.

 - jacob

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