Re: Release notes final draft

<quote who="John Fleck">

> The final draft of the release notes is done:

You happy for me to change:

  - XML feature to "libxml2" and include some verbiage about libxslt

  - Fixes to the Debian build stuff that I said I'd do before

  - Should platforms be part of the install/build section? It seems in an
    odd location, given that the information is mostly regarding build

  - Can we restrict this document to buiding, and have links to binaries
    from the start/2.0/ page? 'The GNOME Project' only ships source, and the
    binary info will go out of date fast.

  - Do some linking or something between system requirements and

  - upgrading section has weird rendering for the ps bit; could we just say
    run gconftool-1 anyway?

  - tearable menus bit should refer to bonobo-activation rather than oafd

  - s/Bugs/Known Issues/ ? Plus moving the how to report bugs bit to getting
    involved, and adding more cool stuff there

  - Can we remove the corporate support comments from getting involved? :-)

I'll do these today with confirmation.

Thanks John, these kick ARSE,

- Jeff

                          Penguinillas Pack GNUzis                          

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