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> > The problem here is most likely that Nautilus was built using an ORBit
> > that had .la files, but you've installed an ORBit that doesn't have
> > them. /bin/rm -f /usr/lib/*.la solves all problems.
> Isn't that kind of harsh? There are a lot of .la files in there and they
> are usually included in the devel rpms of different libraries. For
> example, the ORBit-1 devel rpm contains a couple:
> [fworsley falcon fworsley]$ rpm -ql ORBit-devel
> ...
> ...
> /usr/lib/
> /usr/lib/
> /usr/lib/
> ...
> ...
> [fworsley falcon fworsley]$ ls /usr/lib/*.la | wc -w
>     329
> So, I assume the ORBit-2 devel rpm also included them before the latest
> release. Isn't this just a bug in the latest rpm?
> Also, how come: "make clean && ./configure && make" doesn't fix this for
> Nautilus?

Grep all your remaining .la files on your system for "" to 
see which of the other .la files tries to pull in  If this 
.la file belongs to a lib that gets pulled in while compiling Nautilus
(say, suppose in your case that has it and -leel thus pulls it 
in) then that's your problem.  As a temporary fix, either remove that .la 
file (it will then pull in the .so file while libtool-linking) or compile 
all of the other deps from source in a different prefix.

Whilst on the subject, I have seen lots of people complain about .la 
files, with Havoc and Jacob being the most vocal, but not really in a way 
that told me what the problem was.  So please explain a little if you have 
strong opinions on libtool and .la files (beyond "they suck" ;))

It looks to me that two ways are possible :
a) if every package installs it's .la file, everything's fine
b) if none of them installs them, everything's fine

At the moment it seems like Ximian and Red Hat have started to remove .la 
files from their packages, but aren't quite done yet, causing lots of 
libtool link breakage while compiling.

Also, I wanted to ask for some statement from people in the know from both 
Red Hat and Ximian : is the plan to remove ALL .la files from -devel 
packages everywhere, or not ?



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