Re: release notes: parallel install

On Mon, 2002-06-17 at 10:34, Kjartan Maraas wrote:
> man, 2002-06-17 kl. 15:17 skrev John Fleck:
> > Folks -
> > I need an explanation of the issues related to parallel installation
> > that should be included in the release notes. Kjartan?
> Not sure there's very much to say. You can install the development
> platform for 1.4.x in parallel, but not the apps/desktop components.
> That means you can run old apps, but not install both 1.4.x and 2.0
> versions in the same prefix.

except for the exceptions, of course.

control center and glade can have both gnome 1 and gnome 2 versions
installed in the same prefix.  (however the latter is arguably part of
the dev platform).

 - jacob

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