RE: gnome2 and dual monitor

i have not followed this thread religiously but here is the current status
of the dual monitor support.
There are two scenarios which can be talked as dual monitor support
1) multihead support ( loosely speaking it means that two or more screens or
monitors work independently)
2) xinerama support ( two or more monitors or screens will work as one
logical screen)

For multihead support, you need the underlying X server, X libs, gtk, window
manager ( sawfish, metacity etc.) panel and perhaps nautilus to have
multihead support. Once all these have this support, we can say that GNOME
has multihead capabilities. Now currently the status is
X server : most of them have the support
X libs : most of them have support
gtk : the current head contains all the changes for multihead support
window manager : sawfish has partial multihead support ( we have worked on
improving the multihead support but we could not release the patches as Sun
moved towards metacity and we dont have resources to maintain those patches
but we can release those patches so that improved multihead support can work
with sawfish), metacity : better multihead support but we are still looking
at improving that support
panel : i guess its a gnome 2.2 milestone when you will see multihead panel
nautilus : ?? but it will be required i guess but i am not too sure on this

For Xinerama support
X servers : most of them provide support
X libs : client libraries are available
gtk : not sure whether any changes are needed for this
window manager : sawfish has the support but i have not tested it as to how
it works, metacity works but there may be bug fixes. We have written
exhaustive test cases to test the Xinerama support and soon will start the
test runs on metacity. The same could be run on sawfish too.
panel : it already has support for the same and it kinda works but once
again it has not been exhaustively tested
nautilus : i dont think it has support for the same and i am not clear
whether it needs it.


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On Sat, 2002-06-15 at 21:29, Peter Boy wrote:
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<Uraeus linuxrising org> 15 Jun 2002 16:33:55 +0200
> > The multihead support for gtk is merged in CVS and will be part of the
> > next major release of gtk2.
> Hi, thanks for information. Well, practically it means I've to wait
> until gnome 3?

The first development release of gtk2.1 may be out as early as this week
and you should be able to pretty much just drop it in place with
gnome2.0.[whatever is current when gtk 2.2.0 is released.]

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