strange behaviour after getting latests snapshots

Hi all,

after getting the latest Gnome2 snapshots I am getting strange behaviour
in any application using Bonobo ... be it a Gnome1 or Gnome2 app (ie:
Nautilus, Evolution, Gnome Terminal).

The apps sometimes hang and don't respond for a few seconds (sometimes
10 - 15) before coming back to life, othertimes I get random crashes.

I've been looking at .gnomerc-errors and I get these types of error
messages whenever that happens:

** (gnome-settings-daemon:5034): WARNING **: Failed to send buffer

** (gnome-settings-daemon:5034): WARNING **: Failed to send buffer

-- AND / OR --

** ERROR **: file giop-connection.c: line 153 (giop_connection_dispose):
assertion failed: (cnx->incoming_msg == NULL)

It might even be all apps, not just Bonobo related stuff. Basically
everything here is totally screwed up and not really useable. Now before
I file a bug about this, is anybody else experiencing these problems? 
Could it be something in my setup?

- Frank

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