I'm doing some windows development lately and comparing windows and
linux gui development I have been wondering what the gnome equivalent
for the following code is:

ShellExecute(0, "open", "c:\", NULL, "c:\", 0);

This basically opens up the application associated with .zip files with
the c:\ file.

I poked around a little in file-roller and it seems to me that to
achieve the rather basic goal of opening a file with its associated
application requires you to
1. Find out the MIME type of the file through some GNOME-Vfs function
2. Have a variable that holds the mime type of the file
3. Find out the application that is associated with that mime type
4. Construct a command line, taking into account all info you got in the
application info struct, like needs_terminal

This is all but a simple one liner, and I wonder why.

Markus Bertheau.
Berlin, Berlin.

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