Re: Menu Editing - phase 1


> On my system, applications.vfolder-info puts some Exclude elements after 
> the Query elements (which would fail to validate with this DTD.  Do we 
> want to place this ordering restriction on vfolder-info files?  If so, 
> should the existing files be made to match the DTD, and should the code 
> that reads vfolder info files enforce the ordering?

Yeah, I should have said...when I was writing it, I tried to make the
dtd as simple as it would be a case of fixing the
existing vfolder-info files. As I said, I'd quite like to see the
vfolder-info files being checked against the dtd at install time or
something...not sure how to go about that, or if it makes sense.

> ><!ELEMENT	And		(Keyword*, (And | Or | Not)*) >
> ><!ELEMENT	Or		(Keyword*, (And | Or | Not)*) >
> >
> These two should probably have "(Keyword | And | Or | Not)+" as the 
> child list.  (I assume you can have these elements in any order).


> ><!ELEMENT	Not		(Keyword*, (And | Or | Not)*) >
> >
> A Not element should have one child, so the child list should probably 
> be "(Keyword | And | Or | Not)".

Yup, agreed.

I'm going to check this stuff into gnome-vfs/doc [I assume that's okay]
so at least we can keep track of it.

			See ya,
				Glynn :)	

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