Re: Detachable Menus

tor 2002-06-13 klockan 09.49 skrev Vlad Harchev:
> > FUD?? I stated something that was my opinion. the "at least" part was
> > thrown in because I currently don't use Sawfish, and don't know the state
> > of it now. If it still has the same number of settings it is STILL
> > horribly cluttered imo. Way, way, way too many options. Metacity is
> > excellent. It doesn't need configuration-tweaking at all to do the job,
> > and there are very few options. It just works.
>  I don't agree with you, extended configurability is almost required for tools
> one uses more than 20 minutes in their life.

Vlad, please take this thread about detachable menus in general and
extended configuration to some other list. It's about stuff that has
been discusssed over and over and brings nothing new to that discussion,
and it certainly does not belong on desktop-devel. Thanks.


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