Re: Detachable Menus

> I agree that it's too confusing for a user who DOES NOT KNOW about that
> (because afterwards, it becomes useful.
> However, the Menu panel and the foot menu should honour the setting.
> >  So the one of the unique Gnome features is lost..
> For novice users, yes. It is not the only one though :|

I've yet to see a novice user that think this feature is especially
useful. Besides, this is just one of the "I love this feature, why are you
leaving it out"-debates. There have been lots of these debates, and if the
team should cave over just half of them, GNOME would end up a
horribly cluttered interface, like the dialogs for Sawfish at least used to be

The feature is still available, although the panel-menu should probably
follow the setting. I think there is a bug about it, but it is NOT worth
delaying the entire GNOME 2.0 just because of this. There are actually
worse things put off to GNOME 2.0.1.


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