Re: Rumours abounding about a new Gnome Media release


A wise old scribe once told me: "Never, ever, use parentheses, no matter how 
tempting (unless absolutely necessary). 


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> On Tue, Jun 11, 2002 at 02:27:47AM +0100 or thereabouts, iain wrote:
> > [1] Yes, I copied this off of my slipmats.
> > [2] There was a "release" called 1.999999999.0 last week, and to tell
> > you the truth, the only thing thats changed is the version number in the
> > file.
> > [3] Or any other server that does that sort of stuff. Don't let the name
> > fool you.
> > [4] AKA The "Your favourite band sucks" principle.
> > [5] The mixer formally known as GMix.
> the current record for footnotes on gnome mailing lists. 
> I did enjoy the release announcement, but on the matter of footnotes:
>      A  monstrous  variation on the parenthesis is the content footnote.
>      What,  after  all,  is  a content footnote but material that one is
>      either  too  lazy  to  integrate  into  the text or too reverent to
>      discard?  Reading  a  piece of prose that constantly dissolves into
>      extended  footnotes  is  profoundly disheartening. Hence my rule of
>      thumb  for  footnotes  is exactly the same as that for parentheses.
>      One  should  regard  them  as symbols of failure. I hardly need add
>      that in this vale of tears failure is sometimes unavoidable.
>    Linkname: Paul Robinson, The Philosophy of Punctuation
>         URL:
> (The whole thing is a great read, even if he's wrong about the
> semicolon :)) 
> Telsa
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