Strange behavior of panel menu key shortcut

'Monty' on IRC pointed out that currently the global panel
menu shortcut brings up, instead, of the "foot menu", a
"properties" menu for one of the panels (not sure which

This seems incredibly broken to me:

 - It's much, much less useful than getting the global
 - It doesn't seem to make much sense to have this
   menu disconnected from a particular panel.

I guess it provides a way of adding a panel through a
key shortcut if you deleted all your panels, but the
global menu still has a "Panel" menu that provides 
that capability...

I'm hesitant to file a bug about this considering the eternal
discussions that have gone on.

 - But was this intentional?
 - Has it been this way for a while? I'd admit to not
   really using this key shortcut...


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