Re: Glade-ish inconsistancy...

Glynn Foster <glynn foster sun com> writes:

> Hey,
> So here's a nitpick that I'm seeing while doing some routine Sun doc
> stuff....why have we got a mixture of .glade and .glade2 files? [and I'm
> only looking at my GNOME 2.0 sources here]. Anyway we could get this
> sorted out quickly so that I don't have to justify this inconsistancy to
> the ARC? ;) or, if I'm wrong, can someone explain the deal?

<pet peeve>
 Versioning belongs in the DTD, not the file name
</pet peeve>

I think this practice started before glade-2 was usable.  People would
edit their .glade file, then run libglade-convert to convert it to a
.glade2 file.  Both were kept in CVS.  I think we really should kill all
the glade2 files over time, and move all the .glade files over as


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