Re: Proposed release process/plans

On 10 Jun 2002, Glynn Foster wrote:

> Hey,
> > This discussion should not be about /component/ specifics; the
> > discussion, rather, should be about the time spans and such proposed; if
> > galeon is ready in that framework, great; if not, oh well. [Alternately,
> > if you think we should be _generally_ feature based and not time based,
> > go for it but please don't use _specific_ features to justify that
> > position.]
> My only worry, and this might have been talked about offline, is the
> fact that for 2.0 we froze all the libraries at the same time. This
> seems kinda lunatic to me...Perhaps it's not so much of an issue now
> that more of the core development work has been done, but I'd still like
> to see some sort of tiered library releases start from the bottom of the
> stack and proceeding upwards over time.

Locked down at the *same* time? The process has been very gradual,
starting with the API freeze months ago followed by a slow trickle of API
additions/changes and structure padding to help ensure ABI non-breakage. 

> 		Anyway, just random thoughts..
> 				Glynn ;)


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