Re: gnome cvs on RH7.3 - getting desperate


> As the original poster (mike redtux demon co uk)
> These are my comments on the whole issue
> My reasons for trying cvs modules is to try out reported fixes for
> outstanding bugs that have not made it to released packages.

A very good reason indeed.

> I can configure an old cvs tree I have (libgail-gnome from April)
> So it does definitely appear that there is a specific problem to do
> with current RH7.3 automake/autoconf and current gnome2.

Yeah, but you were only mentioning compile problems for gstreamer, rb, and 
monkey-sound.  So I was clarifying that gstreamer is NOT in gnome cvs, 
does NOT follow gnome's autotools strategy, and is probably also not in 
the vicious build stuff (or else we just weren't told).

And since both monkey-sound and rhythmbox depend on it, it's totally 
normal that you can't compile these two if you cannot get GStreamer to 
work first.  So my question still remains - are you having problems with 
GStreamer compilation from cvs on RH73 ? If so, have you tried 
--with-automake ? And if you can't get it to work, please file a bug 
against it in bugzilla.  desktop-devel-list is not the right place to 
lodge GStreamer complaints ;)



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