bug status

3 bugs:

73284- crash on click in zvt. There is a patch here that supposedly
fixes the crash. I'd like to see this in tonight if possible; I /would/
like to hold up the overall release until this is fixed.

74974- drag and drop from list view. This is fairly basic file manager
functionality, but we've had few complaints about it not working, and
jrb indicates it might not be done for tomorrow. I'm fine with punting
it, though (1) it should go into 2.0.1 branch ASAP so we can shake it
down and (2) I shouldn't be making that call alone :) 

81670- vfolder monitors don't work in nautilus. Fairly big problem for
menu editing, but the fix is going to be (at minimum) large and complex.
Additionally, George assures me that a solution can be found that is
backwards compatible with the file format for 2.0.0. So... I'm
uncomfortable putting this in at this point unless we extend testing to
catch all the bugs. Again, though, I shouldn't be making this call alone
at this point.


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