Re: Bonobo 2.0 and Bonobo Activation 1.0 problems

Pier Luigi Fiorini wrote:

I have Debian SID and GNOME (experimental apt source), I have installed
the latest package.
Now running some programs like nautilus and yelp I get segfaults.

I think that stable versions must be stable, not full of bug :((
Anyway I'll send through bug-buddy some reports.

I started X with the xterm failsafe session from gdm2, this is the
output of gnome-panel:

[snip informative error messages]

Have you recompiled the things that run on top of libbonobo? There was a message to this list about a struct size change a while before the 2.0 releases. If you still have problems after recompiling, report a bug. You may want to report a debian bug tracker about their packaging problem though.


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