Re: gnome cvs on RH7.3

On Sat, Jun 08, 2002 at 09:44:10PM +0100, mike wrote:
> Anyone been able to get cvs compiles working using RH 7.3
> Having no joy at all

Yes, I've done it on quite a few machines now with that distribution.
Since your post is, to say the least, a little short on details, I will
offer one hint in advance:

If you are using vicious-build-scripts (the same possibly applies to
jhbuild or any other sandboxing scripts), you will want to look at
#84442 (just create symlinks for automake-1.4 and aclocal-1.4 in the
right $(prefix)/bin) if GConf is blowing up.

If you can give more specifics about what is going wrong, I might be
able to help further.



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