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 --- Jeff Waugh <jdub perkypants org> wrote: > <quote who="Mike
> > Looking at the key bug list I have the following commentsID Sev
> Pri
> > Owner State Result Summary 
> Hi,
> The correct place to comment on bugs is bugzilla itself; we manage
> the bugs
> there, rather than on the mailing lists.

I have, this was a comment in general terms on the list of bugs

> > 82337  maj Hig jsh pixelslut com NEW  Viewport navigation bug  
> > should this really be a 2.0 bug. I have used gnome for 2.5 years
> and
> > have never used the feature.
> We have a very large user base.

The final comment on the bug says something to this effect

Overall I was making my own comments on the final bug-list and what I
felt the priorities were.

> Thanks,
> - Jeff
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